Our monthly events are open to the public to women over 18. To find out what to expect, click here. For event dates, click here. There will be a raffle at the end of ritual, so bring a few dollars to contribute. No obligations, and all proceeds go to the church.

The purpose of this blog is to display past rituals, and show what to expect when attending our circles. Often we get caught up in planning fun rituals, and we get behind on posting photos. Your patience is appreciated.


July – Cancer

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JulyFullMoon_20090710_003pChocolate Ritual

  • Focus was on comfort & home.
  • Comfort meditation
  • Craft – friendship bracelets
  • Fondue
  • Feast
  • Song: “I will be gentle with myself…”

June – Gemini

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0906_gemini_fm1 The New Moon in Gemini:

The Communicator: talkativeness, movement, mental energy, ingenuity, versatility, sociability, cheerfulness and quick-wittedness are on the increase, and there is an interest in all kinds of information,. The moon in Gemini favors study, intellectual pursuits, acquaintances, conferences and gatherings. However, heightened changeablilty and scattering your interests can prevent you from getting definite, tangible results.

  • Smudge with a chime
  • All use chimes while walking in a circle
  • cast circle
  • Quarter calls
  • Check in: answer one of the following:
  1. Have you had an “ah-ha” moment in learning?
  2. When have you had a time you felt intelligent? What were you doing?
  3. Talk about a time you really enjoyed learning, something – What was it, what made it enjoyable?
  • Sociability Write a cheerful letter to a teacher, friend or acquaintance.
  • Learn to make 2 different paper airplanes.
  • Learn Belly Dancing
  • Close Circle
  • Feast



May — Taurus Moon

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For the May Full Moon we hosted drumming & chanting.   The weather was nice.  We set-up our space in the Emerson room and after starting, trooped out to the gazebo for singing.

* Need: Flashlight(s), drum(s), and bug spray.  Music, batt. Op. music device.
* Taurus Moon: Earth sign; color- yellow; throat & neck; Ruling Planet – Venus
* Check-in: Patience, Diligence, Perseverance, Practicality,  Security, Endurance, Sensuality (Stones labeled in a Zen type sand garden)  Blindly choose a stone and see what that means to them, or choose a stone to speak about.  (might go twice).
* The rest of the ritual is free form.  Dancing, Singing, Drumming, Stomping.
* Process back up to Fahs house feast.

Song list:
Oh Mama Bakudala Babe Thandaza   (Ooo mama baku dala bobby tan da za )
* Powerful Song of Radiant Light
* Spider Woman Weaving Her Web
Breathe In, Breathe Out
* The Ocean is the beginning of the earth
* We All Come From the Goddess
* Isis, Astarte, Diana…
* Hoof and Horn
Rain Dance (Hand Percussion)
I’m so Glad
* The River is Flowing
Woman Am I
You Got To Get Up Every Morning
I Am Woman Hear Me Roar
Lean On Me
* The Earth, the Air, the Water, The Fire
May The Circle Be Open
* Songs can be found at:Pagan Chant of the Month


April – Aries the Communicator

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Tag Cloud about The Fool! From Wordle.net

Concepts: Energy, Rising, Passion, Rebirth, directing flow, brainstorming, promise, goal-driven, pioneering, intuition

* Purification/Smudge

* Invocations

* Cast Circle

* Peace Visualization to the Four Directions/Druid’s Prayer for Peace (M needs to bring copies of prayer)

* Discussion of the Aries Moon explain our concept of “foolish” based upon the Tarot Fool the innocent, the free spirit, the jester

* Check-in Questions: Have you had any hunches lately? What have you done that has made you feel foolish? (M to bring a mortar, pestle, and lemon peel to pass around as the check-in object)

* Main body of ritual — Have an Open Discussion about the moon concepts, about the importance of intuition (emotion vs. analysis), and about nurturing the value of women’s choices/roles (and tea)

* (M to bring in a white board to mindmap the key ideas that come up during discussion)

* Draw Meditation Cards (M to bring the cards)

* Explain Mindmap (M show example of mindmap) (M may bring in an example of a Tag Cloud about The Fool! From Wordle.net)

* Mindmap Meditation (need pens, paper, crayons, etc. bring audio track )

* Raising Energy with Mortar and Pestle Mudra (bring audio track)

* Thank the Directions/Goddess

* Open Circle


March – Pisces, Water

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* There is a meditation.
* There is hand painting of obstacles in our life, then washing off the paint. “Say I wash my hands of ___ .” May have sung “the river is flowing” while we did this.
* There might be the rain “hand” dance. (Stand in a circle. Have leader do the motion then point around the circle. Starts with rubbing hands, then tapping two fingers together, then finger snapping, then thigh slapping, then foot stomping, reverse)

* New song made up by one of our Weavers and taught us a new song (drumming?):

I am, the rain up in the clouds
I am, the drops falling down
I am, the spring below the ground
I am, the mist rolling round

I am the water she is me, sacred power flow through me.


February – Leo, Home & Hearth

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This was a craft intensive circle. From the photo below you can see our craft table. We spent time decorating our homes to call in things we would like into our lives, or to commemorate things going on in our lives.


January Full Moon – Capricorn

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On January 9th we celebrated the Full Moon in Capricorn. This was 4th in a 12 part series, loosely based on the zodiac. We focused on the aspect of Capricorn that involves goal setting. To celebrate the new year, we decided to do a circle on visions for 2009.

We had a meditation that had us think about the past year last January, during the summer, and the past week.  Then we asked ourselves these 4 questions:

-What did you enjoy most over the past year?
-What made you proudest of yourself?
-What is it that you wanted to do and never found time? (it can be as reading a book, taking a night class or dance class, or living on a deserted island).
-If you wanted anything at all, what would you want most for this year?

Then we made matchbox altars on the theme we wanted to bring into the year.  We’ve been wanting to do this craft for a long time.  It started by making pretty matchboxes for the quarters, and we always said, we should do that for a ritual.

This was the first full moon that we moved to the closest Friday (we plan on hosting them the rest of the year this way).  By doing this we think it will be more convient for participants to host it on a non-work/school night, and have it consistently on the same night.   Since we had time, we made more than one matchboxes each.  (see picture gallery below).  We then charged up flash paper with our goals for 2009 and burned them to release them into the universe.


December Full Moon – Sagittarius

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On December 12st we celebrated the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This was 3rd in a 12 part series, loosely based on the zodiac. We focused on the aspect of Sagittarius that involves travel. With the holiday season coming up, we decided to do a craft that pertained to safe travel.

As you can see in the picture below, we used a car kit craft  that were car shaped luggage tags (blue and red on the right of the photo).  We had oils and cotton balls to anoint them (on the left of the photo), runes and other symbols (on the index cards at the bottom).  There were chants and mantras to select to tie to hang on these tags in times of need.  When we were finished with this craft we could put them in our cars or luggage while traveling to aid in keeping us safe, and use the chants and mantras to calm our minds.


November Full Moon – Scorpio

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On November 12st we celebrated the Full Moon in Scorpio.  This was 2nd in a 12 part series, loosely based on the zodiac.  We focused on the aspect of Scorpio that involves strong dramatic emotion and relationships.  With the holiday season coming up, we felt it was important to talk about grounding oneself to be more present and also take care of ourselves.

This moon was more of a  “teaching” ritual, where we explained why we do what we do at certain times of the ritual.  Specifically grounding and centering ourselves using circle casting and greeting the directions.  We had all levels of experience from “first ever circle” to long time circle-er.

We all talked about what is circle casting and how it creates an energetic protection, as well as serves as a meditation to transition us from the mundane to sacred space.  We called the quarters/elements and then did a short meditation where we used all our senses to experience them.  We then talked about the meditation and whether or not we had a preference towards one element or another.  We then talked about candle magic and spell work.  We talked about ethics, prayer, and the importance of visualizing exactly what we need.  We made anaologies to how athletes use visualization to improve performance, as well as speakers to large audiences, and professionals who do goal setting.

The picture above shows samples of candles for use in candle magic.  I wish we would have gotten a pictures of the actual votives we used.  They were plain voitives in their little metal tins, but we added a special touch.  Whatever we wished to bring into our lives for the spell, we associated it with an element and it’s correlated color.  We had colored duct tape in red, yellow, green, blue and purple (center).  Some of us used multiple colors becuase we felt our spell called on more than one element.

Also in shown in the picture, is Full Circle’s Goddess Figure “The Lady of The Wood”.    She currently wears a crown of curly ribbons, giving her a bit of a Mardi-Gras look.  Each ribbon represents one of the Weavers, who meet on the new moon to plan our full moon rituals. (This statue was purchased at Sacred Source.)


Hallows / Samhain / Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

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On Oct. 28th we joined together to mark the turning of the year and honor those who have passed away. This celebration is known by many names: All Hallows Eve, Hallows, Halloween Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos.

At the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice, we
pause to remember and honor the dead.
We honor ancestors.
We honor those we have loved.
We honor, too those we never met.
We honor all humans.
We honor all beings.
We honor the perpetual cycle of life.
Death / life /night / day /winter / summer,
All are part of the sacred cycle.
Tonight we remember the wholeness of our selves and our earth community.
We remember the sacredness of our selves and our earth community.
What is remembered, lives.

Around 6:30-7:00pm participants constructed altar’s to honor friends and family members who have passed away. Photos of these altars can be found below. Click on the image view a larger version of the image.

At 7pm we held a brief ceremony. We smudged (wafted burning sage smoke) ourselves as we walked into the sanctuary. This helped cleanse ourselves and clear our minds to transition into sacred space. We walked counter-clockwise around the circular 35 foot canvas labyrinth. This direction is rarely used in an earth base tradition, but in this case used to mark the occasion of the passing of the year.

We sang “Blood of the Ancients“, “Every Step I Take is a Healing Step“. We held hands and imagined a circle of energy protecting the sanctuary. We then welcomed the Directions. We each sat and meditated briefly on friends and family that have passed away, and also things in our lives we would like to release. Quiet drumming music played as we walked the labyrinth. At the center we lit candles (again to honor those who have passed) and walked out following the labyrinth and letting in new things for the new year. We ended by saying farewell to the Directions, held hands and removed the sphere of protective energy. We sang our closing song of “May the Circle Be Open” If would like to hear the tune and words click here

We then joined together for refreshments that we had all brought to share. We also had a vegetable “Stone Soup” from donations people had brought. Bread was broke and we talked of qualities our loved ones had taught us.

Many thanks to all those who helped setup and cleanup.

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