Our monthly events are open to the public to women over 18. To find out what to expect, click here. For event dates, click here. There will be a raffle at the end of ritual, so bring a few dollars to contribute. No obligations, and all proceeds go to the church.

The purpose of this blog is to display past rituals, and show what to expect when attending our circles. Often we get caught up in planning fun rituals, and we get behind on posting photos. Your patience is appreciated.


April Moon – Wolf Moon

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Honoring our special furry friends that have passed over the veil, we honored all creatures great and small.20140418_192603_edit0


What Does The Red Tent Weekend Look Like?

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The Red Tent Weekend is about women getting together, talking about Goddess, honoring their bodies, and themselves. We sing, we laugh, and sometimes we cry. It is a time to re-energize your soul and spirit. It’s a time to see new ways of honoring the Divine.   We discussed how the Goddesses were worshipped in the past and how we can worship them in the present.  We chanted, we belly danced a little, we had face painting and henna on our hands and feet.   Lunch was on site (you can bring a brown bag or go out.  Your choice of gluten free vegetarian or meat chili).  We discussed women and politics, and organizations that help women and families.  We talked about eco-feminism and how to manage in a disposable society.  You can stay the whole day, or only come for a few sessions.  You may want to bring cash for our raffle and vendors.  (all raffle proceeds are for the costs of our guest speakers and hosting the event) Here are some pictures from last year:


Here participants (left) are learning from Nuit Moore (right) about Kali Ma.  To see more pictures click “Read more of this entry” below.

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March Moon – Water Fowl

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Red Tent Event April 4th & 5th 2014

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RTW 2014 print



Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis
333 Dubois Rd
Annapolis, MD 21401

— From DC, take 50 East to Annapolis.
— From Baltimore take 97 South, then take 50 east
— From North VA or Rockville take the inner loop of the Beltway to 50 east

Take exit 24 to Rowe Blvd. Turn left onto Rowe Bld. then turn right onto N. Bestgate Rd, The left on Dubois.
Continue down what looks like a residential street. At the bottom of the hill, on the left, is the driveway of
the church. Park in the lower parking lot and enter from under the staircase.


February Full Moon – Inner Child

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We celebrated the moon with chocolate hearts. We read a story from Woman Who Run with Wolves where a step child consults with her pocket doll (her inner wisdom/intuition) to help her succeed on her quest. As a reminder to take care of ourselves and to listen to our own inner child, we made paper dolls in our own likeness. Many of us chose our inner self to be around age 4 and we wondered if this was the age we had to start “fitting in” and had to stop listening to our inner self.  You know, that one that wanted to put jam in our hair and run in mud puddles.


Full Circle Weavers Will be Opening Again

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Full Circle will be holding training for women interested in joining the Full Moon planning committee (Full Circle Weavers). The prerequisite to join is attending Full Circle Spinners workshops. These workshops will teach how to plan rituals and practice energy work. All interested women should check our website fullcircleuuca.org for dates and details. You must RSVP prior to attending by contacting Kay.  Click on “Read the rest of the entry” below for more details.

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Click on the Image (left) to read the flyer

Come One, Come All!

More info about what to expect of the event here.


October Eclipsed Full Moon – Totem Bat

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October 18th we celebrated the full moon. We discussed how bats take in sensory input normally not used use and reads in its evironment. Which is a lot like reading tarot, using your subconscious mine to tell the conscious mind what’s standing right in front of it. (Like bats it can’t *see* the obvious). We took the time to go outside and gaze at the full moon to see if we could watch it eclipse. We spiral danced  back into the church, completed circle and finished with feasting.



Totem Animals – Snake

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In keeping with our animal theme, we celebrated the October full moon with snake. We learned about snakes in mythology and different cultures. We had a visual meditation on shedding our old skins to embrace new goals in our lives. We learned sinuous moves from belly dancing to emulate snakes.



Totem Animal – Owl

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Aug. 23 Full Moon