Event Dates

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For the most accurate up to date information for our events, follow the link below to the event calendar for the UU Chruch of Annapolis.  We are listed as “Full Moon Women’s Celebration ” .  The full moon event is hosted on the Friday night, closest to the Full Moon.

UU church of Annapolis Event Calendar

Solar Holidays
Our solar holidays invites women, men and children to celebrate the wheel of the year.
Most of the solar holiday dates are (TBD) = To Be Determined
This year we’re putting up our TBD dates so that you can plan ahead for Solar Holidays this year.

See our Facebook page or the Church Calendar for exact day and time

Calendar for Full Moons and Solar Holiday
1/22/16 Full Moon Emerson 7:30pm
1/31/16 Imbolc (TBD)
2/18/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
?/?/16 Red Tent (TBD)
3/25/16 Full Moon Emerson 7:30pm
3/20/16 Ostara (TBD)
4/22/16 Full Moon Emerson 7:30pm
4/24/16 UUCA Beltane (TBD)
4/28/16 Mountain Mysteries Beltane Heavenly Acres Campground, Stanardsville, VA
5/20/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
6/17/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
6/19/16 Litha (TBD)
7/15/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
7/31/16 Lammas (TBD)
8/19/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
9/15/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
9/15/16 (TBD) Mountain Mysteries Beltane Heavenly Acres Campground, Stanardsville, VA
10/14/16 UUCA Mabon (TBD)
10/14/16 Full Moon Sanctuary 7:30pm
10/21/16 Samhain/Hallows/Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos Sanctuary
(children over 12 that can act appropriately during a solemn
medatative walk through the indoor labyrinth)
11/18/16 Full Moon Emerson 7:30pm
12/16/16 Full Moon 7:30pm
12/18/16 Yule (TBD)