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Ritual Ideas

Lunar Calendar Correspondences from D. J. Conway, “Moon Magic”

Cauldrons and Broomsticks
This web site has several years worth of holiday newsletters archived. They contain folklore, recipes, crafts and stories.

Witches Voice Holiday Essays
This web site has several years of essays on the topic of pagan holidays. These essays share personal sentiment about the seasons.

Unitarian Universalists Links

UU Association of Congregations
The main UU site for USA.
Covenant of UU Pagans
We are a proud member of CUUPs
Our Church’s Home Page
Full Circles Public Web Page


Mountain Mysteries Manifestations
We highly recommend this festival for both Beltane (May 1st) and Mabon (Sept. 21). Family & kid friendly! Quality rituals, booths, and classes.  Several of our members are regular attendees and lead rituals and workshops.


Hughes Pottery
Often found at Mountain Mysteries, they sell year round at their etsy shop.

Dancing Pig Pottery
Another shop that frequents Pagan festivals and has lovely pottery.

Hidden pentacle rings & pendants, for witches still in the broom closet.

Web Links

Spiral Goddess
This web site is a site to be leisurely browsed. Insightful ideas into the image of Goddess, and very colorful and artsy.

Sacred Source
Online catalog to purchase God and Goddess Statuary. It is an excellent resource to visualize Deity. Our mascot “The Lady of the Wood/Stump” came from this resource.

Create an Online Altar
Are you in front of the computer all day? Do you want to add a little sacredness to the desktop? Create an online altar to feel your earth centered spirituality a part of your electronic work.


Pagan Chant of the Month
This site has a new chant every month. They also archive over 100 songs from previous months. They have audio files on their web site for you to download and listen. Great for those of us who can’t read music, and can’t afford costly CDs.

Song for Earthlings (Bound)

Song for Earthlings (Unbound)

This book is in our closet at our church. If you can read music, or want to refresh your memory of songs you’ve heard, this is a great resource. If you’re really into computers, there are programs you can download so that you can audibly learn the sheet music.

Circle of Women CD
This CD has several songs that are Full Circle favorites. These songs have open copyrights, which is why this chosen selection is listed here. You are welcome to download them and play them on your computer. These files are in MP3 format which is supported by most players. These files are large so if you have a slow connection please be patient. To download to your PC, mouse over the link, then press Shift-Click Mouse or Right-Click Mouse on the link, then select either save link (Netscape) or save target (IE) depending on the browser.

Earth My Body

      (3.1 MB)

Mother I Feel You

      (2.7 MB)

Woman am I, Blessed am I

      (1.5 MB)

May The Circle Be Open

    (2.4 MB)