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Full Circle hosts monthly full moon events for women.  These events are free and open to the public.  There is no need to register or signup in advance.  Dress is casual and whatever you feel most comfortable in.  Full Circle is faith based program of Unitarian  Universalist Church of Annapolis (UUCA) that integrates a variety of  earth-based traditions with the principles of Unitarian Universalism.
Full Moon and Solar Circles are experiential programs involving singing, dancing, drumming, meditation, laughing, and artwork. We have excessive amounts of fun, creating spiritual experiences for ourselves and others, sharing what’s happening in our lives, and deepening our connections to the cycles of nature.

Join us as we re-establish our connection to the earth and the heavens with celebrations of earth-centered spirituality. There is no need to be a church member, or attend the church service prior to celebrating an event.  There is no commitment to be a regular attendee.

Full Moon Circles are held at the church at 7PM on  or near the night of the Full Moon. Solar circles (when celebrated) are held on the Sunday closest to the event, at 6PM. Please bring a seasonal sweet or savory dish for feasting that will follow all events.  We dress casually so you may wear whatever makes you comfortable, or you may “dress up” in Renaissance/medieval garb if you like.

You can view a list of current and upcoming events of Full Circle by viewing dates of our events.  For double checking last minute changes, please view date the UUCA calendar. You can also be emailed announcements by signing up for our low volume, event announcement only, moderated, Yahoo Group. Please feel free to join us at our next event, or if you have questions email  Kay.

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