Star Gazers/Full Circle retreat – Lammas

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On the first weekend in August (Aug. 3rd, 2013), sunny days and cool evenings brought four participants – Alethea Shiplett, Stephanie Simpson, Jenna Senocak and Ashley Baker – out to the picnic table on the porch at Fey Meadows Farm for crafting and feasting. Jenna, resident chef, cooked wonderful gluten-free, locally sourced meals for us throughout the weekend.

Stephanie and Alethea exchanged tarot readings. Ashley taught the ladies how to make brooms while Jenna made a wicker basket.

The group planned the Lammas ritual around balancing fear, faith and the future, using various divination tools including pendulums, scrying and runes.

Nature showed up in the forms of deer in the meadow, a bright and bushy red fox, and beautiful birds, butterflies and flowering and fruiting flora. Alethea’s new baby bunny, Zen Cookie, got lots of snuggles and the only boy on site, Zorro the dog, hung out much of time with the ladies.


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