Hallows / Samhain / Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

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On Oct. 28th we joined together to mark the turning of the year and honor those who have passed away. This celebration is known by many names: All Hallows Eve, Hallows, Halloween Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos.

At the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice, we
pause to remember and honor the dead.
We honor ancestors.
We honor those we have loved.
We honor, too those we never met.
We honor all humans.
We honor all beings.
We honor the perpetual cycle of life.
Death / life /night / day /winter / summer,
All are part of the sacred cycle.
Tonight we remember the wholeness of our selves and our earth community.
We remember the sacredness of our selves and our earth community.
What is remembered, lives.

Around 6:30-7:00pm participants constructed altar’s to honor friends and family members who have passed away. Photos of these altars can be found below. Click on the image view a larger version of the image.

At 7pm we held a brief ceremony. We smudged (wafted burning sage smoke) ourselves as we walked into the sanctuary. This helped cleanse ourselves and clear our minds to transition into sacred space. We walked counter-clockwise around the circular 35 foot canvas labyrinth. This direction is rarely used in an earth base tradition, but in this case used to mark the occasion of the passing of the year.

We sang “Blood of the Ancients“, “Every Step I Take is a Healing Step“. We held hands and imagined a circle of energy protecting the sanctuary. We then welcomed the Directions. We each sat and meditated briefly on friends and family that have passed away, and also things in our lives we would like to release. Quiet drumming music played as we walked the labyrinth. At the center we lit candles (again to honor those who have passed) and walked out following the labyrinth and letting in new things for the new year. We ended by saying farewell to the Directions, held hands and removed the sphere of protective energy. We sang our closing song of “May the Circle Be Open” If would like to hear the tune and words click here

We then joined together for refreshments that we had all brought to share. We also had a vegetable “Stone Soup” from donations people had brought. Bread was broke and we talked of qualities our loved ones had taught us.

Many thanks to all those who helped setup and cleanup.

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