August Butterfly Moon

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Start Native American music softly in background

Smudge – with sage
Process in with drums

Call Quarters – One person (SBT) goes to each direction outside the circle of women and reads call

Cast Circle 3 ways – Aurora – pass yarn, cross arm hold hands face in; uncross while holding hands face out

Check in
Which of the following attributes of a Butterfly relates to you and why?
Meandering Flight (path)
Color and beauty

Breathe of Joy with scarves to look like wings

SBT Lead Medicine Wheel Oracle –

Each woman draws a marble which indicates North-Mind-green, East-Spirit-white, South-Emotion-red, or West-Body-blue

Then everyone moves to the Quarter of the marble they drew

Once at the Quarter:

All read the totem mediation direction

Each woman will select a “Earth Message”

Then once everyone has a Earth Message each woman reads her message and contemplates her message to herself.  (Native American Drum or flute music is playing- maybe we would turn up the volume.)  There would also be markers for each woman to draw, or journal as she contemplates her message.

After about 5 minutes everyone returns to the circle.  Each woman reads her “Earth Message” and if she wants to comments on what it means to her.

Then we make butterflies from our “Earth Message”

Breathe of Joy

Drum/Dance/Sing if there is time and it feels right

Close Circle


Documents used for this ritual:

medicine wheel.doc
Native American Indian Symbols Dictionary.doc
Workbook Page for Sun Bear Medicine Wheel.doc

Medicine Wheel:

Native American Symbols:


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