• Smudge with mist and Thunder instrument
  • Chant – I am the water, She is me, Sacred power, flow through me . . .
  • Cast Circle
  • Call quarters
  • Ritual Introduction – Thunder Moon, Moon of Claiming
  • Check in – Basket, “What is the power you have to help you weather the storms of life?”
  • Meditation – Water cycle, I am a vessel
  • Craft – Moon of Claiming medicine bag
  • Movement – Storms
  • Closing visualization – Healing the Earth’s oceans
  • Thank Quarters/Elements
  • Open Circle – Mikaela

Meditation – by Mikaela (Thunder/rainstorm music on)

Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Take another deep breath, and feel it flowing through your body, relaxing your muscles and slowing your mind.

It is the middle of summer, and the humidity is high. Water molecules from the last rainstorm are hanging in the air. Feel the humidity in the air around you; feel it as a soft caress after the storm.

As you breathe in, see the water molecules in the air whoosh into your lungs with the oxygen. The oxygen inflates your lungs, fills you with breath, and the air and water humidity go from your lungs into your bloodstream. Water from the storm outside is now part of you, part of the network of rivers and lakes that makes up your veins and capillaries. The storm water molecules are carried around your bloodstream, and move through the walls of your veins and into your muscles.

Truly “be” inside your own body, where all is dark and moist and living. The storm water molecules join millions of other water molecules; as our body, like the Earth, is made up mostly of water. We are our own little ecosystem, reflecting the Earth and its Waters around us.

See those storm water molecules become part of you. See them moving through your muscles towards the surface, towards the surface of your skin. As you sweat, they appear on the surface of your skin, and almost immediately, they evaporate off your skin back into the air.

See those water molecules that used to be a part of you in the air, rising into the sky – up, up, miles over you until they join billions of other water molecules to form clouds far above your head. The weight of all the water joining together to form these clouds makes them dark, and heavy, and gray. Feel the weight of these clouds and the weight of the air around you as the water that was you becomes part of Mother Nature.

Suddenly the clouds release, and heavy, fat water droplets fall towards the Earth. Falling, falling, cool and wet, gathering friends and descending towards the Earth in a great summer rainstorm. Bright flashes of lightening crackle and flash, and thunder booms loud and Earth-shaking as the droplets of water start to splatter onto the dirt, soaking the Earth. Thousands more droplets follow after it, soaking, sinking deeper into the Earth, giving the plants and trees a long, deep drink. The water revives the Earth and everything living on it and it sinks deeper, finally coming to the water table and joining that huge reservoir of water deep below the Earth’s surface.


The rainstorm eventually stops as the clouds disperse. The sun peeks out, and can be seen again. It shines down on the revitalized Earth, and begins to dry off everything that the rain has soaked. The water droplets sparkle and eventually evaporate from the dripping leaves, from the wet ground. Even the water deep underground eventually makes its way up through the Earth, to the surface where it evaporates again into the air.


Now visualize the Goddess and the God, or however you know Divinity and all of creation, as a boundless brimming vessel from which we emerged and of which we are a part. We are each our own vessel of creation, of the Divine, each different from the next but each a part of the whole. You are a vessel, and your soul energy is different from all others. Look into the vessel of creation that is yours. What do you see in it?


Dive down deep, moving from the surface down to the core of what makes you, you. What do you see in your vessel that you claim as yours? This can be a trait, a talent, a gift, a thing or something else entirely.

Look at what you claim as your own, uniquely part of who you are, reflected in your vessel. Truly see it, and embrace it as one of the things that makes you part of the world, and your purpose for being here.

Thank this aspect for being in your vessel. Thank your vessel for being a part of all creation, of all Divinity. Acknowledge the element of water and the thunderstorm that brought you this understanding tonight, as you turn to make your way back to the sanctuary when you are ready.

Feel your arms, your legs, stretch your fingers and toes as you slowly come back to awareness. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Craft –Make a medicine bundle to put claiming item into

Talk about item that was “claimed” during check in and meditation.

Add more dry ice to cauldron

Charge – circle around, holding over cauldron “storm” saying, “I am ________ and I claim _________ as my own.”

Movement – Aurora

Tai Chi “Waving Hands Through Clouds”

Strobe/fog/thunder jumping/floating activity (strobe & fog machines on again)

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