Sap Moon – Theme of Spring

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Also themes of: Equinox, Balance Night and Day, Haft Sin

~ Smudge with Forsythia boughs with rose water
~ Check in Question: Equal Day, Equal Night, Where in your life do you need more balance?
~ Balance Meditation – pass out stones or glass stones.
~ During or after mediation, each woman thinks of an item she needs to find a balance to.  Has 2 stones to represent the 2

things she needs to balance.  Places one stone on each arm of the Inukshuk Man.
~ Story of Persephone – Read by Running Wave
~ Feast – In honor of Spring, the Sun and Haft Sin, Feast items are to be round that or begin with the letter “S” or Eggs.  According to Russian tradition, round things represent the sun like cookies and round fruit.  In Persian traditions, foods with the letter “S” represent the sun.
~ We made crowns with tissue paper flowers and green twist wire. We had stones with the word “Balance” for each sister to take home.

Below is a gallery of pictures for this event.  You can see the notes and books used to prepare for this event, as well as: craft, ritual & decorative items.

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