October Full Moon – Libra

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Oct. 13th we celebrated the full moon in Libra.  This moon was the second in a series of 12 honoring the sun sign the month.  Topics were communication & balance.

As you can see by the balanced blocks in the picture, we had a short tactile exercise in balancing.  Each one of us added a block after talking about areas in our lives that we currently felt balanced in.  We also did some balancing yoga exercises.

For communication, we played “Telephone”, the game where you whisper in someone’s ear and it goes around the circle.  Apparently as adults, in a room with no distractions, and short phrases, we were 3 for 3 for getting the phrases correct.

We briefly journaled about things we want/need in our lives.  Those who wanted to shared their items with the group.  We of course sang some songs (One of our favorites “Breath In, Breath Out” and played with chimes.

A full moon rises at the same time as the sunsets.  This Oct. we were blessed with a spectacular display.

Every month the UUCA displays items of a different artist in the Art Gallery.  This month, among other lovely items, was a display case with “Goddess Whimsy”.  These are  carved abstract Goddess figures, wire wrapped with small crystals. (you may want to click on the image to see more detail).

Stone carved Goddess figures, wire wrapped with small quartz crystals

Stone carved Goddess figures, wire wrapped with small quartz crystals

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