January – Finding Balance in The Darkness

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*  smudging,
bring back the light, bring back the light
*  casting circle – we cast circle to:
*  quarters – another layer of the circle.  We honor the directions, as in native American & Chinese cultures, and Wicca circles.
*  Charge of the goddess
*  Intent – intent of this evening is to join in community.  To reflect on last year, and begin to focus on goals for this new year.  It’s hard to believe that new year.  Ground hogs day is around the corner, heralds spring (in 6 wks or longer).
*  Different cultures celebrate this full moon.
The Chinese New Year date is 2 weeks from now, and falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Native American traditions
*  Checkin –  10 words or less, what is the single most thing on your mind right now?
*  balancing exercise with origami cranes, yarn and wooden dowels
*  Meditation
*  FIRE – because we like to burn stuff.  Write down obstacles and burn them away
*  farewell quarters
*  farewell goddess
*  open circle
merry meet merry part…
and feasting *nom nom nom*

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