December – (Maiden Mother) Crone

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This is the dark cottage of the crone, the woman who lives on the edge of the village and forages for herbs in the dawn.

Circle casting – grounding first as young girls, our bodies smooth and unselfconscious; becoming maidens; becoming mothers; becoming crones, our hair graying, our hands becoming dry and wrinkled, our wombs cycling with the moon; each of us becomes the archetypal maiden, mother, crone; as we embody each phase of womanhood, an energy body of each archetype forms in the center of the circle, a pulsing energy center into which we each send our personal energy which flows up from the earth, through our bodies, and into the center energy; that energy body becomes so strong that she holds us all in a safe and energetic web, a powerful strand connecting each woman to the center and to every other woman; this energy center creates a resonating and pulsing container that surrounds us wherever we go that night, even as we go out to the gazebo, it moves with us—not a sphere, but a strong, silvery web, visible to those who have eyes to see energy. We are the Goddess. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Blessed Be!

* Guided meditation.
* Songs Return Again; Old Crone of Mystery, The Dark, Sacred Mother, Earth My Body
* We’ll have a special, short check-in: I’ll prepare a card to pass around. Possibly:
o Name I’d like to be called tonight (could be a new crone phase name, even for those who are young)
o Name of my mother and her mother  (3 phases of womanhood—me, mother, grandmother)
o One word I associate with cronedom
* craft/art project.

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