October – (Maiden) Mother (Crone)

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* Cast Circle: new type of circle casting.  Two women face and say:from heart to heart (hand on heart like in pledge, from hand to hand (clasp left hand),The circle is cast in love (kiss on each others cheek).
* Quarters,  goddess greeting

* Check in :“How do you nurture others, or how would you like to be nurtured.?”  Checkin piece:watermelon. Mother poems
* Meditation by EK (Current self, astral travels in time, talk 2 younger self, & give comfort, words of wisdom)
* Post Meditation: choose card, write letter to past self
* Craft: make a nurturing Goddess or symbol
* Quarters, goddess farewell
* Open Circle: from hand to hand the circle is open with love  (“the circle is now open but unbroken”)
* Feast

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