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Come One, Come All!

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October Eclipsed Full Moon – Totem Bat

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October 18th we celebrated the full moon. We discussed how bats take in sensory input normally not used use and reads in its evironment. Which is a lot like reading tarot, using your subconscious mine to tell the conscious mind what’s standing right in front of it. (Like bats it can’t *see* the obvious). We took the time to go outside and gaze at the full moon to see if we could watch it eclipse. We spiral danced ┬áback into the church, completed circle and finished with feasting.



Totem Animals – Snake

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In keeping with our animal theme, we celebrated the October full moon with snake. We learned about snakes in mythology and different cultures. We had a visual meditation on shedding our old skins to embrace new goals in our lives. We learned sinuous moves from belly dancing to emulate snakes.