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FMPI – Full Moon Paranormal Investigations

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Two members of Full Circle are researching paranormal activity.  They are using a digital camera, EM field detector, and the right energetic intention. Check out the videos in the links below.

FMPI videos can be found on


Next Moon Aug 31st – Chocolate Moon

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Prepare yourself for a sweet fun moon this month. When there are two moons in one month, its referred to as a “Blue Moon”  Full Circles growing traditions celebrates a Chocolate ritual on Blue Moons.  This ritual is a parody of a traditional Wiccan full moon ritual.  This circle will be very playful and tons of chocolate will be consumed.  Bring fruit and other fondue dipping foods for after ritual feasting.  If you are allergic to chocolate consider bringing carmel, or other sweet comfort foods.

Other dipping foods to consider: pretzels, cheese cake, marshmallows, rice crispie treats, and grahm crackers.


August – Muse/Music

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This moon was about music and emotions.  We discussed our personal theme songs.  We talked about the meanings behind songs, and the emotions they evoke.  We discussed songs that had hidden meanings, especially popular songs that had hidden social justice meanings.

For those who participated, please share your songs and social justice links in the comments section.

Songs that represented theme songs of participants:

“If I had a Boat” Lyle Lovett
“Life Uncommon” & “God of Freedom” Jewel
“Tis a Gift to Be Simple Tis a Gift to Be Free”
“Sheherezade” Rimsey Korsikov
“In Your Eyes” Peter Gabriel
“Iron” withintemption
“Bitch” Merdith Books
“Ode to Joy” Beethoven 9th Symphany
“The Circle is Cast” Robert Gass
“What I Got” Sublime
“Eleanor Rigby” The Beatles
“Hey” Pixies
“I Will Surive”
“Stonger” Kelly Clarkson
“Part of Me” Katy Perry
“Fragile” Sting
“Happy” Mudvayne
“Let it Be” John Lennon
“All I can say is that my life is pretty plain…” Smashing Pumpkins
“I believe” Sweet Honey and the Rock
“Almost Home” Mary Chaplin-Carpenter


August 1 – Lammas

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Lammas or Lugnasdaugh is the celebration of the first harvests of the year.  The primary food group is wheat and bread goods.  The beginning of Lammas marks the waning of the summer, and the waxing of autumn.  It’s hard to believe with all the 95+F days we’ve had, that fall is just around the corner.

May you always have enough bounty for you and your friends! Happy Lammas!