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December Moon – Joyful Asherah

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Joyful Asherah
· Process in chanting Joyful Woman, Sacred Space
· Smudge using pine branch anointed with tree essential oil
· Cast Circle
· Call Quarters
· Check In
· Discussion of Asherah, an ancient Hebrew goddess.  Originally the consort of Canaanite chief god, Bal.  Transmuted into consort of Hebrew god in biblical times and worshipped as such for 3,000 years.  She was often worshipped in the form of a pole (large pillars to small pole-like figurines to sacred groves of trees).  Mother goddess, Lady of the Sea, Queen of the Heavens.  What resonated with me the most is that she was the goddess of joy and good fortune.  Ritual will center around the theme of joy – a very joyful time of year, but also hectic and dark.  We should notice and appreciate the things that bring us joy and also pay attention to the inner joy within ourselves.
· Meditation & Sharing
· Craft: Decorate Asherah poles with sharpies.  Draw into them intentions for joyous moments or symbols seen during meditation.  As moved to do so, plant them in dirt around center candle.
· Raise energy to manifest intention by dancing the hora while chanting Under the Full Moon Light
· Thank Quarters
· Close Circle
· Feast!