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HPE: K@ and Aurora Light Bringer
Themes: Battle: Conviction, Leadership, Strength

1. Smudge with Swords
2. Call Quarters with new “Saints” Q. calls
3. Cast Circle with Battle Theme
4. Check In: What are you battling now? What battles have you fought lately?
(use knight check in piece)
5. Intro into the series: Archetypes, SGA: Aurora
6. Saint Joan Info: K@ and Aurora Explain Structure of ritual: Eve of Battle, Marching to Battle, Battle, Victory Celebrations EVE OF BATTLE
7. Noveanna: women place shrouds on head, read “I am” card and light candle
8. Meditation: pass out pens first (optional paper): K@
9. “Craft” write message that came during the meditation on one hand; have partner write woman’s name who appeared in the meditation on other hand.
10. Teach Chant: The Goddess sings of many things and Battle is but one.
1. K@ leads, Aurora turns on red lamps
11. Yoga: Mountain, Repulse the Monkey, Warrior I VICTORY CELEBRATION
12. Recap the night’s themes
13. End Noveanna: “I am Athena!”
14. Farewell to Quarters
15. Close Circle
16. Sing and Feast

new song: “Goddess See Right Through Me

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