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How You Know You Are a Witch…

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When your hurricane preparedness plan includes spell work – you know you’re a witch.  Stay safe out there witches and muggles alike.


August Moon – Energy Work

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This evening reminded me that there are so many energy workers out there, not connecting with like minded individuals.  We all use energy in our lives, either to get the attention of a classroom or meeting, or to gauge the mood of someone we are close to.

It’s refreshing to hear (and feel!) other people’s approaches to working with energy.  We played with “energy balls” found on that make noise only when you finish the link, either alone, or joining hands in a group.  We played at having them making noise while we only had our hands hovering about an inch above each others, while we projected energy.

We created energy balls between our two hands and imagined it having colors and sound.  We talked about how we can or could use shielding in our everyday lives to protect us emotionally.  Some imagined steel plates clanging together to form a safe bubble around them, others imagined slipping an iridescent layer under their skin that sparkled when attacked.

Energy can be pulled from each of the elements, the universe or your personal energy.  The later of which is finite and can be drained easily.  One exercise was to divide us into pairs and send and receive energy through our hands.  The recipient would guess what type of energy the other person was using to send.

Someone asked if we also “teach” during our circles.  Our circles are like participatory UU services.  We provide food for thought, give new ideas and provide community with each other.