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May 20 Full Moon Ritual – Chakra

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Smudge with a chime

The women picked up chimes from around circle and chimed as they walked around the Chakra Labrinth tarp

Cast circle pulling up your individual rainbow color of energy

Call the Quarters

Explain tarp – made as part of Spinners, Spinners & Weavers on overnight with their tarps, Chakra ~100 – 200 years old, etc

Check in – What Color are you and why? Or what color are you drawn to and why do you think you are drawn to that color? Have each woman draw a Chakra color pen out of a bag and mark a paper with the color drawn.

Have everyone move to group chakra colors drawn together in the rainbow order of the Chakra colors.

Sit down focus on tarp. Mediation “walking labyrinth with eyes” following laser light, Chakra mediation in center, pause, walk out of labyrinth with eyes following light.

Each chakra color group of women discussed what the color they pulled means to them, anything that came up during meditation.

Pass out & break bracelets to reveal color –

Standing breathing – “conductor”

Dance with veils

Do modified Moon Salutation




April Moon – Grow!

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You are perfect in every way, just the way, you are today 🙂