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November Moon – Beaver Moon (That Dam Moon)

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Songs available:
We Are the Flow, We Are the Ebb

The River is Flowing

The Earth the Air, the Fire, the Water Farewell Farewell Farewell.

Special footage at the Member Site.

Every year near Oct. 31st, Full Circle, a spiritual practice group at the UU church of Annapolis, marks the turning of the year and honor those who have passed away. A canvas labyrinth is set up and used in a walking meditation to remember those who have passed away, and to be mindful of things that need to be released from ones life.  At the center candles are lit to  to honor those who have passed.  As participants walk out following the labyrinth, they meditated on letting in new things into their lives for the new year.  Below are photos of the altars that participants set up prior to the ritual.  The individual altars have photos and objects of friends and family that have passed away

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