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October Moon – Hunter’s Moon

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Night of the Hunter’s Moon

Themes: Going on the Divine Hunt; Goddess as Huntress and Warrior, Artemis;  Getting in touch with sources of strength and empowerment

Prepare everyone by talking about the Divine Hunt with the goal to find your sources of strength and empowerment.
Sacred space will be dark except for altar and candles at stations

  • Smudge with sage
  • Process into Sacred Space with chant: “Every Step I Take”
  • Face paint available for everyone who wants to paint their faces for going on the hunt
  • Drumming/percussion in Circle once you are done painting
  • Casting the Circle
  • Calling Quarters and Center (standard calls)
  • Check-in Question: What is your source of strength?  Check in item is an arrowhead.
  • Introduction of theme and Huntress Goddesses
  • Discussion of the Huntresses and Strong Women archetypes
  • Druid’s Prayer
  • Spirit-Writing exercise which will tap into our collective and internal thoughts about our empowerment
  • Drumming
  • Visualization/Meditation by Mikaela on Strength and Power Animals
  • Going on the Divine Hunt – everyone will look for one of the “hidden” bundles tied with glo-sticks containing Sharpie and paper. The idea is to prowl the room and “hunt” for whatever concept you are doing mental or physical battle with in your life, then write that idea down, and shred the paper. Bring the shreds back to the circle.
  • Movement: Yoga Warrior poses and Power Vocalizations
  • “She Changes” Chant
  • Grounding the energy raised – Thanking of the Animals/Sources Prayer
  • Thanking the Quarters and Center
  • Close Circle

Deer came to watch.

Altar pic

Then Feasting!

We also had “war paint” on our faces. This can be viewed at our Member Site.