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Two Year Blog Anniversary

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It seems noteworthy to post – we’ve been posting rituals for 2 years now 🙂  We hope that by posting these rituals you get a sense of what it’s like to come to our events.  Merry Meet & Blessed Be!

  • Smudge with mist and Thunder instrument
  • Chant – I am the water, She is me, Sacred power, flow through me . . .
  • Cast Circle
  • Call quarters
  • Ritual Introduction – Thunder Moon, Moon of Claiming
  • Check in – Basket, “What is the power you have to help you weather the storms of life?”
  • Meditation – Water cycle, I am a vessel
  • Craft – Moon of Claiming medicine bag
  • Movement – Storms
  • Closing visualization – Healing the Earth’s oceans
  • Thank Quarters/Elements
  • Open Circle – Mikaela
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