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June Moon – May Peeper Frog Moon

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June Altar Theme transformations & potions.

Meditation Transforming into a  frog

Potions: water or grape seed oil, various herbs.

Emerald Flame performed her transformation dance.

Listen to “The River Is Flowing” & “Breath In Breath Out” (The links will load as video, but there isn’t an image).


Tips for Building a Public Program

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Presented by Full Circle Weavers Of Annapolis, MD
at Beltane 2010 Mt. Mysteries and
Summer Solstice Chester River UU Church

In this article you will find the answers to the following questions:
What is Full Circle?
Who are the Weavers?
How is Full Circle different from a coven?
What can participants expect at a public ritual?
History of Full Circle
Tips for Running a Successful Public Program
How to Create a Ritual

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June Moon – Pink Peepers

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1. Smudge – The River is Flowing
2. Cast
3. Quarter Calls
4. Check in – Name, Magickal name, Day of your cycle, Matriarchical lineage, What area of your life have you/would you like to transform? What would you like to make a magic potion for?
5. Frog meditation
6. Emerald Flame’s dance
7. Ottermoon’s Summer poem
8. Rain dance – Aurora Lightbringer’s
9. Craft – Potion – Grapeseed oil with herbs, essential oils (have list of magickal properties)
10. Thank quarters
11. Close circle