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Samhain – Dia De Los Muertos

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Every year near Oct. 31st, Full Circle, a spiritual practice group at the UU church of Annapolis, marks the turning of the year and honor those who have passed away. A canvas labyrinth is set up and used in a walking meditation to remember those who have passed away, and to be mindful of things that need to be released from ones life.  At the center candles are lit to  to honor those who have passed.  As participants walk out following the labyrinth, they meditated on letting in new things into their lives for the new year.  Below are photos of the altars that participants set up prior to the ritual.  The individual altars have photos and objects of friends and family that have passed away.


October – (Maiden) Mother (Crone)

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* Cast Circle: new type of circle casting.  Two women face and say:from heart to heart (hand on heart like in pledge, from hand to hand (clasp left hand),The circle is cast in love (kiss on each others cheek).
* Quarters,  goddess greeting

* Check in :“How do you nurture others, or how would you like to be nurtured.?”  Checkin piece:watermelon. Mother poems
* Meditation by EK (Current self, astral travels in time, talk 2 younger self, & give comfort, words of wisdom)
* Post Meditation: choose card, write letter to past self
* Craft: make a nurturing Goddess or symbol
* Quarters, goddess farewell
* Open Circle: from hand to hand the circle is open with love  (“the circle is now open but unbroken”)
* Feast

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