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September – Maiden (Mother, Crone)

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DSC01915 - Copy1)Prep Circle – white candles for each woman to take, seeds, bags
2)Smudge – earth, Vanilla incense (seed pods)
a.Sing “We All Come From The Goddess”
3)Cast Circle – (Raven) deer visualization
4)Call Quarters – (start E)
5)Call Center
6)Check in – each woman lights candle from woman before her, first candle lit from center candle
a.Check in question: New beginnings/Seeds of change and creativity – what new beginnings would you like to start, or have you started recently?
7)Reading  (The goddess within)
a.Scott Cunningham goddess reading
b.DJ Conway Maiden reading
c.Charge of the goddess
8)Seed symbolism craft
a.Seeds of new beginnings feel your seeds and infuse them with the power to manifest your new beginning, go home and plant them (or throw them outside here) and as they root and grow, imagine the creative seeds of your new beginning taking root in your life and growing to be a part of your being.
9)Singing with seed rattles
a.I am the Goddess
b.Maiden. Mother, Crone
c.Other Goddess songs?
10)Thank Center
11)Close Quarters
12)Open Circle
13)Feast! Seeds, nuts, fruit, berries, grapes, juice

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