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May — Taurus Moon

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For the May Full Moon we hosted drumming & chanting.   The weather was nice.  We set-up our space in the Emerson room and after starting, trooped out to the gazebo for singing.

* Need: Flashlight(s), drum(s), and bug spray.  Music, batt. Op. music device.
* Taurus Moon: Earth sign; color- yellow; throat & neck; Ruling Planet – Venus
* Check-in: Patience, Diligence, Perseverance, Practicality,  Security, Endurance, Sensuality (Stones labeled in a Zen type sand garden)  Blindly choose a stone and see what that means to them, or choose a stone to speak about.  (might go twice).
* The rest of the ritual is free form.  Dancing, Singing, Drumming, Stomping.
* Process back up to Fahs house feast.

Song list:
Oh Mama Bakudala Babe Thandaza   (Ooo mama baku dala bobby tan da za )
* Powerful Song of Radiant Light
* Spider Woman Weaving Her Web
Breathe In, Breathe Out
* The Ocean is the beginning of the earth
* We All Come From the Goddess
* Isis, Astarte, Diana…
* Hoof and Horn
Rain Dance (Hand Percussion)
I’m so Glad
* The River is Flowing
Woman Am I
You Got To Get Up Every Morning
I Am Woman Hear Me Roar
Lean On Me
* The Earth, the Air, the Water, The Fire
May The Circle Be Open
* Songs can be found at:Pagan Chant of the Month