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April – Aries the Communicator

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Tag Cloud about The Fool! From

Concepts: Energy, Rising, Passion, Rebirth, directing flow, brainstorming, promise, goal-driven, pioneering, intuition

* Purification/Smudge

* Invocations

* Cast Circle

* Peace Visualization to the Four Directions/Druid’s Prayer for Peace (M needs to bring copies of prayer)

* Discussion of the Aries Moon explain our concept of “foolish” based upon the Tarot Fool the innocent, the free spirit, the jester

* Check-in Questions: Have you had any hunches lately? What have you done that has made you feel foolish? (M to bring a mortar, pestle, and lemon peel to pass around as the check-in object)

* Main body of ritual — Have an Open Discussion about the moon concepts, about the importance of intuition (emotion vs. analysis), and about nurturing the value of women’s choices/roles (and tea)

* (M to bring in a white board to mindmap the key ideas that come up during discussion)

* Draw Meditation Cards (M to bring the cards)

* Explain Mindmap (M show example of mindmap) (M may bring in an example of a Tag Cloud about The Fool! From

* Mindmap Meditation (need pens, paper, crayons, etc. bring audio track )

* Raising Energy with Mortar and Pestle Mudra (bring audio track)

* Thank the Directions/Goddess

* Open Circle