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January Full Moon – Capricorn

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On January 9th we celebrated the Full Moon in Capricorn. This was 4th in a 12 part series, loosely based on the zodiac. We focused on the aspect of Capricorn that involves goal setting. To celebrate the new year, we decided to do a circle on visions for 2009.

We had a meditation that had us think about the past year last January, during the summer, and the past week.  Then we asked ourselves these 4 questions:

-What did you enjoy most over the past year?
-What made you proudest of yourself?
-What is it that you wanted to do and never found time? (it can be as reading a book, taking a night class or dance class, or living on a deserted island).
-If you wanted anything at all, what would you want most for this year?

Then we made matchbox altars on the theme we wanted to bring into the year.  We’ve been wanting to do this craft for a long time.  It started by making pretty matchboxes for the quarters, and we always said, we should do that for a ritual.

This was the first full moon that we moved to the closest Friday (we plan on hosting them the rest of the year this way).  By doing this we think it will be more convient for participants to host it on a non-work/school night, and have it consistently on the same night.   Since we had time, we made more than one matchboxes each.  (see picture gallery below).  We then charged up flash paper with our goals for 2009 and burned them to release them into the universe.