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November Full Moon – Scorpio

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On November 12st we celebrated the Full Moon in Scorpio.  This was 2nd in a 12 part series, loosely based on the zodiac.  We focused on the aspect of Scorpio that involves strong dramatic emotion and relationships.  With the holiday season coming up, we felt it was important to talk about grounding oneself to be more present and also take care of ourselves.

This moon was more of a  “teaching” ritual, where we explained why we do what we do at certain times of the ritual.  Specifically grounding and centering ourselves using circle casting and greeting the directions.  We had all levels of experience from “first ever circle” to long time circle-er.

We all talked about what is circle casting and how it creates an energetic protection, as well as serves as a meditation to transition us from the mundane to sacred space.  We called the quarters/elements and then did a short meditation where we used all our senses to experience them.  We then talked about the meditation and whether or not we had a preference towards one element or another.  We then talked about candle magic and spell work.  We talked about ethics, prayer, and the importance of visualizing exactly what we need.  We made anaologies to how athletes use visualization to improve performance, as well as speakers to large audiences, and professionals who do goal setting.

The picture above shows samples of candles for use in candle magic.  I wish we would have gotten a pictures of the actual votives we used.  They were plain voitives in their little metal tins, but we added a special touch.  Whatever we wished to bring into our lives for the spell, we associated it with an element and it’s correlated color.  We had colored duct tape in red, yellow, green, blue and purple (center).  Some of us used multiple colors becuase we felt our spell called on more than one element.

Also in shown in the picture, is Full Circle’s Goddess Figure “The Lady of The Wood”.    She currently wears a crown of curly ribbons, giving her a bit of a Mardi-Gras look.  Each ribbon represents one of the Weavers, who meet on the new moon to plan our full moon rituals. (This statue was purchased at Sacred Source.)