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Mar. Moon

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Feb. Brigit

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December Moon – Joyful Asherah

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Joyful Asherah
· Process in chanting Joyful Woman, Sacred Space
· Smudge using pine branch anointed with tree essential oil
· Cast Circle
· Call Quarters
· Check In
· Discussion of Asherah, an ancient Hebrew goddess.  Originally the consort of Canaanite chief god, Bal.  Transmuted into consort of Hebrew god in biblical times and worshipped as such for 3,000 years.  She was often worshipped in the form of a pole (large pillars to small pole-like figurines to sacred groves of trees).  Mother goddess, Lady of the Sea, Queen of the Heavens.  What resonated with me the most is that she was the goddess of joy and good fortune.  Ritual will center around the theme of joy – a very joyful time of year, but also hectic and dark.  We should notice and appreciate the things that bring us joy and also pay attention to the inner joy within ourselves.
· Meditation & Sharing
· Craft: Decorate Asherah poles with sharpies.  Draw into them intentions for joyous moments or symbols seen during meditation.  As moved to do so, plant them in dirt around center candle.
· Raise energy to manifest intention by dancing the hora while chanting Under the Full Moon Light
· Thank Quarters
· Close Circle
· Feast!

HPE White Owl Woman

St. Bernadette was only a teenager when she had her visions and stuck to her beliefs when everyone else thought she was crazy and wrong. The message from St. Bernadette is to listen to your inner wisdom.

• Smudge using salt water by dipping a flower or fresh tree bough.
• Singing “Listen, Listen, Listen to Your Heart Song
• Cast Circle
• Call the quarters using Goddess calls
• Check in question: If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your life?
• Talk about St. Bernadette and why picked her, the message I “hear”
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HPE: K@ and Aurora Light Bringer
Themes: Battle: Conviction, Leadership, Strength

1. Smudge with Swords
2. Call Quarters with new “Saints” Q. calls
3. Cast Circle with Battle Theme
4. Check In: What are you battling now? What battles have you fought lately?
(use knight check in piece)
5. Intro into the series: Archetypes, SGA: Aurora
6. Saint Joan Info: K@ and Aurora Explain Structure of ritual: Eve of Battle, Marching to Battle, Battle, Victory Celebrations EVE OF BATTLE
7. Noveanna: women place shrouds on head, read “I am” card and light candle
8. Meditation: pass out pens first (optional paper): K@
9. “Craft” write message that came during the meditation on one hand; have partner write woman’s name who appeared in the meditation on other hand.
10. Teach Chant: The Goddess sings of many things and Battle is but one.
1. K@ leads, Aurora turns on red lamps
11. Yoga: Mountain, Repulse the Monkey, Warrior I VICTORY CELEBRATION
12. Recap the night’s themes
13. End Noveanna: “I am Athena!”
14. Farewell to Quarters
15. Close Circle
16. Sing and Feast

new song: “Goddess See Right Through Me

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August Moon – Energy Work

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This evening reminded me that there are so many energy workers out there, not connecting with like minded individuals.  We all use energy in our lives, either to get the attention of a classroom or meeting, or to gauge the mood of someone we are close to.

It’s refreshing to hear (and feel!) other people’s approaches to working with energy.  We played with “energy balls” found on that make noise only when you finish the link, either alone, or joining hands in a group.  We played at having them making noise while we only had our hands hovering about an inch above each others, while we projected energy.

We created energy balls between our two hands and imagined it having colors and sound.  We talked about how we can or could use shielding in our everyday lives to protect us emotionally.  Some imagined steel plates clanging together to form a safe bubble around them, others imagined slipping an iridescent layer under their skin that sparkled when attacked.

Energy can be pulled from each of the elements, the universe or your personal energy.  The later of which is finite and can be drained easily.  One exercise was to divide us into pairs and send and receive energy through our hands.  The recipient would guess what type of energy the other person was using to send.

Someone asked if we also “teach” during our circles.  Our circles are like participatory UU services.  We provide food for thought, give new ideas and provide community with each other.


July Moon – Labyrinth

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This circle centered around the Unitarian Universalists Church of Annapolis’ 50 foot stone labyrinth.   We discussed the history of labyrinths which are over 3500 years old.

We had an impromptu chant circle with some moving chants like “heart song

We processed back in silence in the dusky light with the crickets serandeing us.  It felt magickal.


June Moon – chants

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In the dusky night we went to the gazebo and raised our voices in chants.  We practiced seeing as  a group, and also singing in rounds.

One of my favorite songs was created on the spot “I am here, you are here, we are here together”

We also danced our “Witches Dance” which is the Hokey Pokey danced to the tune of “Woman Am I, Spirit Am I”

To hear some of our songs you can go to our website here.  We are also offering these songs in  CD form as a raffle item at our monthly meetings.


May 20 Full Moon Ritual – Chakra

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Smudge with a chime

The women picked up chimes from around circle and chimed as they walked around the Chakra Labrinth tarp

Cast circle pulling up your individual rainbow color of energy

Call the Quarters

Explain tarp – made as part of Spinners, Spinners & Weavers on overnight with their tarps, Chakra ~100 – 200 years old, etc

Check in – What Color are you and why? Or what color are you drawn to and why do you think you are drawn to that color? Have each woman draw a Chakra color pen out of a bag and mark a paper with the color drawn.

Have everyone move to group chakra colors drawn together in the rainbow order of the Chakra colors.

Sit down focus on tarp. Mediation “walking labyrinth with eyes” following laser light, Chakra mediation in center, pause, walk out of labyrinth with eyes following light.

Each chakra color group of women discussed what the color they pulled means to them, anything that came up during meditation.

Pass out & break bracelets to reveal color –

Standing breathing – “conductor”

Dance with veils

Do modified Moon Salutation




April Moon – Grow!

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You are perfect in every way, just the way, you are today 🙂