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August – Muse/Music

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This moon was about music and emotions.  We discussed our personal theme songs.  We talked about the meanings behind songs, and the emotions they evoke.  We discussed songs that had hidden meanings, especially popular songs that had hidden social justice meanings.

For those who participated, please share your songs and social justice links in the comments section.

Songs that represented theme songs of participants:

“If I had a Boat” Lyle Lovett
“Life Uncommon” & “God of Freedom” Jewel
“Tis a Gift to Be Simple Tis a Gift to Be Free”
“Sheherezade” Rimsey Korsikov
“In Your Eyes” Peter Gabriel
“Iron” withintemption
“Bitch” Merdith Books
“Ode to Joy” Beethoven 9th Symphany
“The Circle is Cast” Robert Gass
“What I Got” Sublime
“Eleanor Rigby” The Beatles
“Hey” Pixies
“I Will Surive”
“Stonger” Kelly Clarkson
“Part of Me” Katy Perry
“Fragile” Sting
“Happy” Mudvayne
“Let it Be” John Lennon
“All I can say is that my life is pretty plain…” Smashing Pumpkins
“I believe” Sweet Honey and the Rock
“Almost Home” Mary Chaplin-Carpenter


July – Mary Moon

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The Mary Moon was very insightful.  We talked about our past with the image of Mary.  Some her-stories talked about the Virgin Mary restrictions.  But many shared stories of inspiration of the God figure Mary.  We discussed the use of rosaries and other prayer bead systems.  How the prayers or mantras can allow one to meditate or find relief during times of stress.  Afterward we made prayer beads using individual systems that had meaning for each woman.


Jun. Vampire Moon

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May Moon

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Mar. Moon

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Feb. Brigit

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HPE White Owl Woman

St. Bernadette was only a teenager when she had her visions and stuck to her beliefs when everyone else thought she was crazy and wrong. The message from St. Bernadette is to listen to your inner wisdom.

• Smudge using salt water by dipping a flower or fresh tree bough.
• Singing “Listen, Listen, Listen to Your Heart Song
• Cast Circle
• Call the quarters using Goddess calls
• Check in question: If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your life?
• Talk about St. Bernadette and why picked her, the message I “hear”
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HPE: K@ and Aurora Light Bringer
Themes: Battle: Conviction, Leadership, Strength

1. Smudge with Swords
2. Call Quarters with new “Saints” Q. calls
3. Cast Circle with Battle Theme
4. Check In: What are you battling now? What battles have you fought lately?
(use knight check in piece)
5. Intro into the series: Archetypes, SGA: Aurora
6. Saint Joan Info: K@ and Aurora Explain Structure of ritual: Eve of Battle, Marching to Battle, Battle, Victory Celebrations EVE OF BATTLE
7. Noveanna: women place shrouds on head, read “I am” card and light candle
8. Meditation: pass out pens first (optional paper): K@
9. “Craft” write message that came during the meditation on one hand; have partner write woman’s name who appeared in the meditation on other hand.
10. Teach Chant: The Goddess sings of many things and Battle is but one.
1. K@ leads, Aurora turns on red lamps
11. Yoga: Mountain, Repulse the Monkey, Warrior I VICTORY CELEBRATION
12. Recap the night’s themes
13. End Noveanna: “I am Athena!”
14. Farewell to Quarters
15. Close Circle
16. Sing and Feast

new song: “Goddess See Right Through Me

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