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Red Tent Event

   Posted by: earthkat

On November 11 & 12, Full Circle and Nuit Moore celebrated it’s first literal Red Tent Event at UUCA Fahs House Emerson Room. Four participants had traveled out of state  enjoy this supportive community created by Full Circle. “It was great to be with educated women talking about women issues”  said one participant after the event.  Topics ranged from eco-friendly feminine products (see list at bottom of this page),  making peace with our bodies cycles of pain, discomfort and inconvenience, making a place for mourning our unborn children, surviving sexual abuse, discussing how our reproductive rights are being challenged locally and nationally, and inspiration to make changes at a grass root level for sex education in the Anne Arundel County School System.  There was magic when women get together to talk and listen to matters deep in our hearts.

Many of us try to live lightly on the earth by reducing our waste and recycling.  It is estimated that the menstrual product waste produced in the US alone is over 12 million (6 gallon) trash cans per year. Many of us are becoming more aware of the chemicals that come in contact with our skin can have dire long term effects. For these reasons we reviewed some products in the market that are safe for our bodies, reduce waste, and support small family owned companies in the US & Canada (Full Circle does not profit from these products, nor are they the opinions of the UUCA administration and congregation.)

New Moon Cloth Pads
Luna Cloth Pads
Diva Cups
Sea Sponge Tampons


Check the toxicity of your cosmetics:
Menstrual cup comparison chart
How to video on how to insert a menstrual cup.
(SFW  Demo uses a cup and glass tube)