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Full Circle Weavers Will be Opening Again

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Full Circle will be holding training for women interested in joining the Full Moon planning committee (Full Circle Weavers). The prerequisite to join is attending Full Circle Spinners workshops. These workshops will teach how to plan rituals and practice energy work. All interested women should check our website for dates and details. You must RSVP prior to attending by contacting Kay.  Click on “Read the rest of the entry” below for more details.

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Red Tent Weekend! June 7 & 8th

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Regularly Scheduled: Full Moon
On May 24th, all women public full moon

Red Tent Event!
On June 7th, We will be having a PUBLIC NEW moon ritual with guest high priestess Night Moore.
on June 8th we will be having our Red Tent Weekend!

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Next Moon – Totem Animals, Wolf Moon

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Our next full moon circle is Friday,  Mar. 29th.  This  moon is second in our series on  “Totem Animals” .   This month we will focus on wolves.   Bring a sweet or savory item for feasting, and join us in community, sacred space, and fun.   Hope to see you there!


Next Moon – Hathor

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Our next full moon is this Friday September 28th.  Feel free to wear thick eyeliner (or not), bring a sweet or savory item for feasting, and join us in community, sacred space, and fun


FMPI – Full Moon Paranormal Investigations

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Two members of Full Circle are researching paranormal activity.  They are using a digital camera, EM field detector, and the right energetic intention. Check out the videos in the links below.

FMPI videos can be found on


Next Moon Aug 31st – Chocolate Moon

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Prepare yourself for a sweet fun moon this month. When there are two moons in one month, its referred to as a “Blue Moon”  Full Circles growing traditions celebrates a Chocolate ritual on Blue Moons.  This ritual is a parody of a traditional Wiccan full moon ritual.  This circle will be very playful and tons of chocolate will be consumed.  Bring fruit and other fondue dipping foods for after ritual feasting.  If you are allergic to chocolate consider bringing carmel, or other sweet comfort foods.

Other dipping foods to consider: pretzels, cheese cake, marshmallows, rice crispie treats, and grahm crackers.


Next Moon – July 6th – Mary Moon

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In continuation of our theme Saints and Achetypes we will be celebrating Mary.  Don’t let the Christian theme deter you, we’re acknowledging the qualities that make Mary such a powerful figure across the world.  Plus, Mary replaced many of the local Goddesses when Christianity became the main religion, and retained their qualities as well.  Hope to see you there!


Happy Ostara!

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These pictures are of our Ostara/New Moon ritual that the Weavers held last night.  New Moon is when Weavers (a dedicated sub-set of Full Circle) meet and plan ritual for the next full moon.  Each Weaver takes the responsibility of leading at least one full moon per year with the assistance and support of other Weaver’s.


Update Dec 2010 – March 2011

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We got a little behind in posting our rituals, but we are now up to date = ^ . . ^ =

Also, check out some great YouTube Videos posted by our very own Aurora Light Bringer