Our monthly events are open to the public to women over 18. To find out what to expect, click here. For event dates, click here. There will be a raffle at the end of ritual, so bring a few dollars to contribute. No obligations, and all proceeds go to the church.

The purpose of this blog is to display past rituals, and show what to expect when attending our circles. Often we get caught up in planning fun rituals, and we get behind on posting photos. Your patience is appreciated.


April 2017 Chant Moon – Throat Chakra

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Public Apology From Full Circle

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On Dec 18th, 2015, a cluster of votive candles caused a small fire in the sanctuary. When a fire extinguisher was used, the pressurized air and flame retardant moved flaming wax and votives into the air and onto the carpet and surrounding chair.

Full Circle is deeply and sincerely sorry for the carpet and chair damage that happened during this accident Friday night. We are taking this quite seriously and are willing to pay for damages. Full Circle has a shared leadership, even if we weren’t in attendance, we all have a responsibility for the practices of our members. For the last 20 years, UUCA has been supporting our “earth based spirituality” , and we treat the church with the respect it deserves. We try to leave the sanctuary space cleaner than we arrived, and so we feel devastated that harm came to the sacred space during one of our services.

Many of us have been mentors, or worked in UUCA’s youth programs at the church. We did a four year fund raiser and a whole summer of community construction to build the outdoor labyrinth. We have brought people from the public into the UU fold, and many have become members at our church because of events hosted by Full Circle. Full Circle exemplifies all of the 7th Principles, but most importantly, is a good example of “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations”. We are grateful for UUCA in welcoming us in the church. Many of us are anonymous to protect our jobs and families. It’s still a scary prejudiced world out there for those who practice a non-Christian faith. Words cannot express the regret we feel that this incident ocurred in our place of worship and safety.

We are in the process of discussing paying for new carpet for the church, or in the short term, possibly (if the church would like it) a nice printed throw carpet in front of the altar.

Our sincerest apologies

Full Circle

PSX_20150105_155317_resizedThe holidays are over and it’s that time of year to want to just hibernate. Although we respect the cycles of the year, we still need to work, feed ourselves and do all the things daily living requires. To kick off our Eenrgy Series we started with a Dance Moon. We selected songs that really get us moving, dimmed the lights, and danced like no one was watching. Whether there was full body movement or head bobbing and finger snapping, movement and music can be a good way to raise energy.

The Full Circle Couples Group, StoryTellers, will be having its open group meeting for new members and existing/past members on Sunday January 25th. Any committed couple, married or unmarried; gay or straight is invited to join.

Find out more details and get contact information on the Story Tellers web page


November Moon – Tarot Moon

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20141107_214049_resizedThis moon offered hands on experience for trying out different decks and different reading techniques. This was a lesson in intuition rather than analyzing the definition of the cards. Participants broke out into pairs and played at reading each others futures and delving into the subconscious.



October Moon – Raven Moon

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Raven moon taught us to embrace our darker sides. ┬áDark isn’t bad, and you can’t have it without the light.


September Moon – Magickal Animal Totems

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20140912_205949 Using meditation and guided imagery we created animal images from our doodles. This was a light hearted and subconscious revealing moon.

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August – Feline Moon

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Honoring our feline beings, we created images using polymer clay.


June Moon – Gorilla Moon

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May Moon – The Krakken

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